Recently a young African American music entertainer that goes by the name Kodak Black came under fire for some offensive comments made about dark skinned “black” women. Kodak mentioned that he preferred women who were lighter skinned than himself. Kodak Black in a recent video that has since gone viral, further explained in detail what he really meant by saying that “light skinned women are more sensitive” and “darker ones are more tough”. Kodak went on to explain that “dark skinned women are more gutter” and “light skinned women are easier to break down”. I am not quite sure that I can agree with Kodak on this stance. Now, I believe that every individual person is entitled to their own preferences. Initially I didn’t have a problem with Kodak stating what his preferences were because he has every right to like what he likes; however, he seems to not see the big picture in his reasoning for why he prefers light skinned African American women over darker ones, let alone the backlash that he is receiving from so many because of his statements. If people were to embrace his beliefs, they would be taking on the belief that a person’s skin color reflects their behavior and/or character. This is where I and many others see a major problem. Dating back to hundreds or even thousands of years ago, “black” people have been easily targeted and persecuted simply because of the color of their skin. These recent comments made by Kodak Black highlights a deep sense of unawareness. This is Ignorance at its finest. Kodak Black, who coincidently is an African American of a darker hue, seems to be a quintessential example of someone who judges people based off appearances. The fact that he is even doing so with his own race of people, further illustrates how lost this young man is when it comes to the history and plight of black people and black women especially. The dark skinned black woman throughout history has always been made to seem as if she were of less importance than African American women who were of lighter hue. Throughout history in movies and television the prominent roles for African American women featured the light skinned black women over the darker skinned one. Back then it was believed that lighter skin was more attractive. This issue still exists today. Not too long ago on the sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the matriarch of the family, Aunt Viv, went from being cast as a dark-skinned woman of color to being swapped out as a light skinned woman practically over night! Although KB was expressing his love for light skinned women, he offended them as well by making them seem docile and lack a strong backbone. I am sure women like Angela Davis, Jada Pinkett Smith, Kathleen Cleaver, Beyoncé, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys and countless other women who are lighter than KB would beg to differ. I’ll state again that he is completely within his rights to like who he likes and have his own personal preferences but I would caution this young black man moving forward to think of how his own skin color has influenced some people’s thoughts and actions towards him. Maybe he will begin to understand the error in his reasoning. If he does not wise up, there will not be ANY black women checking for Mr. Black himself anytime soon!!!

Written by: LaRon Great